10 december 2018

EIPA – Innovation Program

Bij the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) leidt Spring Company een innovatieprogramma voor de ontwikkeling van nieuwe proposities voor de Europose lidstaten.


“EIPA is the centre of expertise that provides you the complete skill set to fully understand and effectively manage EU policies. For over 35 years, we at EIPA have been leading learning and development programmes in EU public affairs, and our expertise is built on a unique blend of the following:

  • Specially designed learning activities, often including case studies and simulation games, which facilitate interaction and help you apply the acquired knowledge at a practical level.
  • Our strong ties and network with the European Commission and other institutions, that help us to provide you with essential insights on the latest EU policy information.
  • Active roles of Member States representatives in our Board of Governors that enable us to help you learn from the best practices and current trends from all over Europe.
  • So you get the full perspective and knowledge of EU policies, to help you thrive in your career as a public official. Our expertise is further enhanced by our research and consultancy activities, led by our in-house experts.”