Janne Vereijken keynote speaker Kadans

12 november 2023

Keynote HUMAN-CENTERED INNOVATION at Kadans Science Partner Innovation Summit 2023!

Janne Vereijken delivered her keynote HUMAN-CENTERED INNOVATION – CRAFTING IMPACTFUL SOLUTIONS WITH EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES at Kadans Science Partner Innovation Summit 2023!

She had the pleasure of speaking to an audience of scale-up founders in sectors like medtech and climate tech, all dedicated to making the world a better place through innovation.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  1. Human-centered innovation: In today’s world, putting people at the heart of the innovation process is essential. Understanding the needs and desires of your audience is key to success.
  2. Human-centered design for sustainability and deep tech: Especially when working on sustainability or deep tech projects like AI, human-centered design is crucial. It ensures that your innovation aligns with consumer needs and provides real value.
  3. Identifying valuable use cases: One of the most common reasons for innovation failure is a lack of market demand. It’s essential to identify valuable use cases and translate emerging technologies into user-friendly products and services.
  4. Sustainability and human-centered design: In sustainability, we want people to transition to sustainable alternatives. Making this transition easy and attractive is vital, and understanding users’ needs and concerns is key to achieving this goal.
  5. Human-centered innovation in energy transition: The energy transition requires significant changes in how we produce, distribute, and use energy. Engaging people and companies in these changes is crucial, and human-centered innovation can help develop solutions that consider society’s needs and concerns.
  6. Circular economy: The same principles apply to the circular economy. Human-centered design can facilitate the acceptance of new practices and technologies.
  7. Guiding innovation with human values: In a time of rapid technological advancements in AI, we must prioritize human values and needs. Legislation and discussions about ethical considerations highlight the importance of ensuring innovation aligns with human values.

Remember, innovation isn’t just about creating technology; it’s about creating desirable products, services and solutions that benefit both society and the planet.

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