Grand final PHIA 2022

31 mei 2022

Respyre wins grand final of the Philips Innovation Award 2022

Respyre has won the Philips Innovation Award 2022. Respyre is a TU Delft spin-off focusing on the valorisation of a unique scientific cross-over between material science and biology. We believe a living city is a healthy city. By creating space for nature -in an otherwise barren environment- and integrating self-sustaining vegetation in an efficient, sustainable and functional way, we want to bring cities to life. With bio-receptive concrete and moss facades Respyre empowers cities to breathe! The Philips Innovation Award will help us further develop our technology with the great trainings, network and possibly financing it comes!


Glimp helps you to catch your breath. We improve burn-out recovery, with guided breathwork for home. Habituate mindful breathing with our ‘Pebbles’, through haptic & audio feedback. Through a hand-held device, we bring the breathing therapist to the client’s home. This will increase therapy compliance, reduce recovery time & therapy costs. Our team is expertised to fully develop the product in-house. Moreover, Glimp is partnering with two different Police departments (Delft & National Police), M91200 (electronics manufacturer) and TodayTomorrow (Software). Our USP: We provide effective (data-driven) assistance at home, while providing mental health insights for both client and therapist.


The Philips Innovation Award is the largest student entrepreneurship award of The Netherlands, meant for students who want to further develop their startups or ideas. This award is organized for students, by students. We make sure every contestant benefits from feedback from experts, workshops, and training.

Janne Vereijken (Spring Company) is member of the business panel of the Philips Innovation Award.